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Why choose Vidal?

A Few Google Reviews

*****Keith Moore - Aug 21, 2012 - I had the pleasure of attending a family wedding in Miami with Vidal as the photographer. He is very professional and went above and beyond the typical photographer duties. From helping with the rehearsal to pinning boutonnières on the groomsmen before the ceremony, he made certain every detail was perfect. Also, his fluent Spanish put the bride's family at ease and made everything run smooth.

*****I've known Vidal for over 15 years now and he's an exceptional photographer. He took pictures of both me and my partner and they're still among the best shots we've ever taken. If you hire him for a wedding, party or a portrait, you'll love what he comes up with. I can highly recommend Vidal.

*****STELLAR REPUTATION I have had the honor of working with Vidal for over 25 years in both professional venues, as well as personally. Vidal is an artist that has integrity as a businesman and performs magic behind the lens of a camera. He has been my personal photographer in the past as a former beauty queen, and has been the official photographer at my wedding. To this day, his photographs are the ones I cherish most and display in my home. His integrity is beyond measure and his creative expertise is unmatchable. I feel blessed that I have been able to work with him on a professional basis, and equally as him a friend. Hiring VIDAL as your photographer would be a decision you would not regret.

*****Hampton Wedding We met Vidal during our vacation to Keywest back in 2003 which was the vacation of our engagement. We were introduced to Vidal through mutual friends and learned that he was a photographer. We were able to spend time with Vidal and also learned that he had a passion for life. During our vacation, we realized that we had made a decision to hire Vidal to capture our special day. My husband and I flew Vidal from Keywest Florida to the Hamptons (Long Island, NY) for our September wedding in 2004. The pictures were breath taking as well as the photographer =). Vidal made our day go by so easy and relaxed, there was never a stressful moment. We received so many compliments from our guest on how Vidal was so professional, and made everyone feel important. We are sincerely grateful to have Vidal as our friend, Thank you! Love, The Connors

*****As a local Native Conch...Vidal knows all the venues from flowers to cake to make-up and hair to gowns and even last minute alterations! Some people claim, but Vidal produces excellent work for me time & time again! He has over 30 years experience and has saved the day many aware that out of all of Key West he is the man that not only "Looks good" but produces the highest excellence in photography whether digital or film, black & white or color VIDAL is your man. Let him coordionate your Event and photograph it for you in the fashion that has made him number one! I always recommend him for ALL Destination events and he has been flown all over the country including Paris & have to meet him and be in his presence to know the confidence you can hire him with and your dreams will come true.

*****FANTASTIC WORK / VERY PROFESSIONAL Owning a model/entertainment management company, I am exposed to hundreds of photographers. But when it comes to using one for my personal and professional photos I always chose VIDAL. Vidal really takes the time to understand exactly the feel you are looking for from your photos. He researches and finds terrific locations to shoot and suggests props that really enhance your pictures. Most importantly, Vidal really understands how to bring the best out of his clients and makes them feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. This really shows in your pictures! If you are looking for wedding shots, portraits, events photos, professional comp cards or just personal pictures chose VIDAL!!!

*****Beautiful and Personal Graduation Photos I have known Vidal for many years, so when it was time for my oldest son to have graduation photos taken, and he didn't want run-of-the-mill, generic photos, I called Vidal. He was warm and friendly, gracious and accomodating...a master at making people feel at ease. He really took his time in getting to know who my son is and what his passions are, and that was perfectly conveyed in his photos. I would highly recommend using Vidal as your photographer for any occasion or event that is of the utmost importance to you. The result will be stunning photos that capture the essence of the subject and mementos to cherish for many years to come. Thank you!

*****So profession and amazing OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! couldnt be happier with how vidal took care of me during the photo shoot! and the day of my event went so smoothly thanks to you vidal!!!! love you booo!!!! xoxoxoxo Def holler at you again! :)

Why Choose Vidal?
Call for an appointment (305) 942-1604

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To help you make your decision, I've done something extremely unusual. I've posted exactly what you can expect and the prices for my packages right here online.

Many people choose their photographer on nothing more than price or a couple pretty pictures on their website. They believe every photographer provides exactly the same service and all they need to do is to get the best deal.

It's a little like saying there's no difference between a skateboard and a Mercedes. After all they're both forms of transportation!

If you just want someone to follow you around and take snapshots, then by all means look for the cheapest one you can find. But if you want someone who will take care to capture that perfect moment in time, here are some of the things you should look for.

Exactly what's included?

If you book a portrait session, do you get 15 minutes with the photographer or 60? Are different backdrops included or do you have to settle for one? Get specific details of what you're paying for before you commit.

Who's going to be taking the photos?

It's not uncommon to book a photographer and then have an assistant show up for the session. When you book me, you get me.

Will you be getting a disc of High Resolution JPEG images?

Many photographers provide a service called "shoot and burn." That means they shoot all the pictures, burn them onto a disc and hand it over.

I start by editing out the ones where your eyes are closed, the lighting was off or somebody moved when they shouldn't have. I then color correct and fully master the ones remaining. You get a disc with only the high resolution good stuff.

Do you take credit cards?

When you pay with a credit card, your money is protected. It makes getting a refund much easier if your photographer doesn't deliver the photos or tries to skip out with your money. I was born and raised in Key West and I come from a family that's been here for 4 generations. You can rest assured I'm going to be here when you need me.

Vidal's Biography

The man who has created himself to be one name.

About Vidal

VIDAL, local born native conch, has made his niche in Key West as a celebrity as far back as 1976 when he began national dance competitions. His next venture was in local, state and national Male-Model competitions. As he grew more for his love in photography, VIDAL has made his big contribution to Key West by becoming its foremost photographer for people and fashion.


His work always has that flamboyant, fashionable flair that has made VIDAL #1! He attributes his success to a talent that has been given to him by God and is second nature. VIDAL loves people and it shows in his work. VIDAL has been flown all over the country to capture special events and affairs. These places include: Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, Paris, Gainesville, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas and San Francisco. VIDAL also attributes his fame for not only creating visual impact and technical excellence, but being easy to work with and having an outgoing personality!


When clients request Vidal as their wedding photographer, he wants them to know they're hiring a modernist. But Vidal's avant-garde, upbeat style isn't the only attribute that sets him apart from the crowd. A unique approach to wedding photography and an optimistic attitude about the entire industry make this Key West native extra-ordinarily successful.


Vidal has been in business in Key West, Florida since 1980. "I don't know what it is about the Keys," he explains, "but people want to get married when they get here!" Perhaps this explains why there is such a strong need for a good photographer in the area, but why does Vidal choose weddings as the majority of his workload?

Why Weddings

"I just like weddings," Vidal admits. "I've enjoyed them since I was a kid. When I go to conventions I hear other photographers grumbling about having to do weddings just to pay the bills. But I've never felt that way. Each wedding has a unique characteristic, something special, and I try to capture that mood."

How He Does It

For Vidal, capturing the mood begins even before the wedding rehearsals take place. Six weeks prior to the event, he spends time with the bride in his studio, preparing a large portrait for the reception. Later, this wall portrait will be hung above the bridal book, or in another central location at the wedding. If the couple prefers a picture of themselves together, an engagement shot can fulfill the same role.

In addition to this prenuptial preparation, Vidal often acts as a "wedding facilitator," organizing the procession, suggesting when the cake should be cut, and attending to other necessary details. "There isn't a real established system here in the Keys," observes Vidal, "So I often help out, making sure everything goes in order, according to etiquette. Following a format doesn't have to be boring" Though he may be sticking to tradition in his choreography, his photographs tell a different story.

Another outstanding quality in Vidal's work is his emphasis on the wedding as the couple's day, both as individuals and together."I've heard a lot of wedding photographers claim the wedding is the bride's day, but it's the groom's day, too," asserts Vidal. He adds a personal touch to his work that other photographers often miss-special time alone with the groom. For Vidal and the client, it makes all the difference. "I spend time photographing the bride, her dress, and her family as most people do. But I also work with the groom, and his friends and family. It's very special for the people involved, it really makes a difference, and they remember all the personal time we put into it together."

Vidal is always looking for ways to improve his photography-artistically, technically, and economically. He uses WPI's newsletter "not only for getting ideas about other people's work, but for the good business aspects." Vidal continues: "It really helps in all areas of business," and he strives to utilize any information that could make him a better wedding photographer.

One might notice that Vidal seems extremely comfortable in his work. "I think it's because I'm used to both sides of the camera," agrees Vidal. He has done a variety of modeling assignments, including print and runway work, and believes it gives him a two-way understanding of photography and a perspective few photographers can lay claim to.

Vidal also tries to make his clients as comfortable as possible. His residential studio puts people at ease. "It's warm, inviting and homey. People are really comfortable there," says Vidal. The less tension the customers feel, the better their pictures will be.

Overall, Vidal's work serves a dual role: exhibiting his and the subject's personalities. This approach has made each wedding he photographs a separate, exceptional event. Vidal admits he's "never done two weddings that were alike," and he hopes things stay that way. With his original approach and enthusiastic attitude, Vidal will continue to be a creatively unique person with a sensationally special touch for upbeat, avant-garde photography.

National Clients Include:

  • Columbus Dental
  • Mentor Corporation
  • Calvin Klein
  • Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Magazine (Medical Mag.)
  • The Dupont Corporation
  • Bell South, Inc.
  • Fiat of Italy
  • Jaguar
  • Coppertone
  • DuPont
  • Con-Agra Corp.
  • Mentor Corp.
  • Calvin Klein
  • BCD Travel
  • Avis Rent-A-Car
  • Kelly McGillis, Actress
  • Eileen Zuckerman, Author
  • Rob Camiletti, Actor
  • Nanette Fabre, Actress
  • Discovery Channel
  • Cadillac
  • Sprint
  • Playgirl Magazine
  • Coca-Cola
  • Leer
  • Pearce Health
  • Miss Teen Florida, USA
  • Miss Florida, USA
  • Miss Panama Jack
  • Ms. Ujena Swimwear, Las Vegas
  • TIB Bank of the Keys
  • afa Corp.
  • Barnett Bank
  • Argon
  • Clouds of Miami International Album Cover
  • Marriott Corp.
  • Shares Medical Systems Corp.
  • Levi's Jeans


  • Don Brassington for Tarmac World Magazine
  • Colours Guesthouse Featured in "Tempo" an upbeat German Magazine
  • Las Salinas for Builder's Association of Missouri
  • Dr. Larry Siegel for Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine
  • Florida Keys Aqueduct
  • Underground Plumbing of Wall Street
  • Randy Moore, C.P.A. for International C.P.A. Magazine

VIDAL loves both sides of the camera and the stage. He has not only won several Male-Model competitions for fashion but also for his hair - Tilly of the Yellow Strawberry is one of his hairdressers and together they have won three International Hair Affairs.

VIDAL has made the Florida Keys very proud of him by becoming PLAYGIRL'S REAL MAN OF THE MONTH (the national and international Magazine that is not only seen all over the USA but also in the UK, FRANCE, SPAIN, and GERMANY. VIDAL was also featured on Fox's TV series "Key West" as a bodyguard and received his first speaking part on the set.